‘Stranger Things’ Actress Millie Bobby Brown Joins IMG Models With Gigi Hadid & Miranda Kerr

Since the release of the Netflix Original ‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown who played the mysterious character Eleven has risen to become a household name. Recently she teamed up with Converse to host an episode of “Forever Chuck”, Directed by award-winning filmmaker Karim Huu Doa.

Most recently she nominated for a People’s Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award on behalf of her performance in the critically acclaimed Netflix sensation. However when she isn’t picking up awards she’s sitting on the edge of the runway at Calvin Klein. It was there that she got talent scouted and signed onto IMG models. The agency also has Gigi Hadid & Miranda Kerr on their books.

At only 13 I think it’s safe to say her career has gotten off to a pretty stellar start! Although with that said her family went through some rocky times getting her started. They moved from the UK to Los Angeles for her but she failed to land any major roles at first. They moved back to the UK dejected after getting passed over for a role in The BFG. Fortunately her placement in Stranger Things has made her one of the biggest names of 2016.