Tech on-the-go With the Speedform Europa

You don’t have to be a sneaker head like me to appreciate the tech that has been developed and introduced to the new range from Under Armour, the Gemini for runners requiring the ultimate in cushioning and the Europa for those who over pronate and require medical support.

The shoe connects wirelessly to your phone and sends all of the data from your workout that has been recorded from the sole of the shoe. The information is then captured by the MapMyRun app and displays all of the key stats. There is a chip and battery inside the right shoe which records the data as you run, skip, jog and whatever for the entire life of the shoe. With no charging whatsoever required, the shoe’s battery will out-last the life of the shoe itself and will even remind you on your phone that it is time to replace the shoes after 650 kms of exercise.


A big part in the technology design of the shoe is the ‘jump tests.’ These tests are designed for you to do regularly which improves the accuracy and after a few tests, will advise you on the intensity of the workout that you should do. It gives you a score after six jumps, the score is based on time spent in the air, and time spent on the ground, measuring you body’s strength or fatigue, delivering an accurate gauge on how hard to train.

The shoes seem to fit very well with the perfect amount of support on the arch of my foot, which is really important when doing a lot of road running, and they feel nice and sturdy around the ankle too. Something that struck my interest in the design of the shoe that really impressed me was a simple plastic strip that curves around the front of the toe and the heel, which I really appreciated as these areas tends to take a bit of a hammering when running, and I can see it making the shoe last much longer.

Another great feature with the shoes is that they can carry memory of up to five workouts, so there is also no need to sync with your phone after every training, which is great for those on business trips who have limited time between trainings.


Upon return I simply opened up the app on my phone, and after a few brief moments, all of the information about my run showed up – brilliant! No need to have an uncomfortable arm band, or carry your phone carefully in your sweaty hand or weighing your pocket down any more, this is the perfect solution.

I can definitely recommend a pair of these great shoes to all athletes, from the casual short distance runner to advanced pros running marathons, they will definitely add an exciting new element to your experiences.


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