The Best Weight Loss Pics Ever

Photographer Blake Morrow recently released a photo series nicknamed the “Beth Project” that was two years in the making and qualifies as the best “before and after” shots we’ve ever seen.

Using her friend Beth as a muse, Blake decided to catalogue Beth’s weight loss journey in a much more fun way than the usual comparison shots that usually include a sad large person in poor lighting beside a happy toned fake tanned version of themselves.

While the images have been merged together on Photoshop, Blake spared the digital on Beth’s figure, letting the 150 pounds of weight loss do the talking.


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0001_Beach-Beth-2 0000_T-shirt-Beth0002_Laurel-and-Hardy-Beth-2 0004_Sound-of-Music-Beth 0003_Frida-and-Diego-Beth0010_Boxing-Poster-Beth0005_Boxing-Beth 0007_Beach-Beth-1 0006_Diva-Beth0008_Laurel-and-Hardy-Beth-1

You can see the collection on Blakes portfolio site here.