The Search For the Mythical Work-Life Balance Is On

Have you ever Googled “Best ways to relax after work”? What you get is a list of things aliens need to be reminded to do so they don’t break their human cover. “Eat”, “Pat the cat”, and “drink some wine”, things we already do to try and get over the day. There’s just not enough hours in the day to wind down or get everything we need to do done.

By the time we’ve had dinner and done the dishes it’s pretty much bed time. 60% of American’s are stuck in this awful cycle according to a Survey by Groupon. With more than 8 hours spent dealing with work everyday people get maximum stress at the odd time of 1:42 in the afternoon and don’t begin to relax until 4:53pm. So strangely specific…

According to respondents an extra 3 hours and 54 minutes added to the day would allow them to get everything done, that means we’d have a little over an 8 day week on our hands.

Stress levels don’t dramatically drop once we get home either, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being highly stressed the average stress level at work is 6.4. It drops down to 5, which isn’t a big enough of a drop in my opinion (which sent me on my “Best ways to relax after work” Googling spree).


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According to this survey, of which Groupon is trying to desperately sell some coupons, peoples favourite ways to relax are manicures, pedicures and a massage if you’re a girl, and hitting the beach, playing video games and getting a massage if you’re a guy.

No matter who you are though everyone likes a decent spa treatment. Since we won’t be getting an 8 day week I guess that’s just what we’re gonna have to have.

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