The Top 10 Lies Men & Women Tell & Who Says Them The Most

Chances are you’ve posted a lie on Facebook. Either you’ve embellished a story a little to make it more entertaining, or you’ve convinced our social media team at M2 that you really did win that subscription with a watch (shameless plug).

However a study taken by The Works Sydney has been stripping away the layers of how and why we lie. First of all they broke down what lies were. Lies can be broken into two piles, white lies & true lies. White lies cover embellishment to manage our personal brand or to ego stroke. True lies cover deceit, such as gaining free things including power and prestige as well as protecting ourselves in the process.

What’s interesting though is what happens when you draw the gender line and see what falls on either side. Guys tend to lie for themselves, while girls will lie for other people.


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Just a side note, “I’m on my way” isn’t a lie you can maintain indefinitely.