The Weirdest Eating Experiences In The World

If you’re in the mood for a real experience while you eat, then look no further. we’ve found the weirdest gimmicks in the world to spice up peoples eating exeperiences.

The White Restaurant ─ Batumi, Georgia


Despite its borderline racist and overly simplistic name, The White Restaurant is a very well-received, posh and fancy restaurant in the States ─- except that it is completely upside down.

Brainwash Café & Laundromat ─ San Francisco


Nothing is as fun as sitting in front of the washing machine as you wait for your laundry to get done. As your eyes follow the tumbling of your clothes in circles, you can use the time to contemplate the meaning of life and the truth of your existence. Or, you could just go grab a beer and something to eat. This Laundromat-restaurant in San Fran is making laundry day a whole lot more exciting than it should be.

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Disaster Café ─ Spain

We have always been taught to be equipped with the skills and knowledge when it comes to natural disasters. This restaurant in Spain is giving us the opportunity to do exactly that ─ nothing like happy, paying customers getting interrupted during dinner with an earthquake or two.

Twin Stars ─ Moscow, Russia

Twin Stars Diner Cafe

Have you been seeing double? Or have you just been dining at Twin Stars in Russia? This restaurant only hires twins. Nothing else has to be said here.

The Lockup ─ Tokyo, Japan


How can we have a weird listicle without a shoutout to our friends in Japan? The winning feature for this one is The Lockup, a prison-themed restaurant that literally locks you up in cells that you are escorted to in handcuffs. Have a great meal!