The Weirdest Paint Colour Names in the World

How you decorate your house is a very personal and important statement. So what on earth were these people thinking when they named these colours?

1. Emotional


Yes my lounge is a little unhinged. So what’s it to you?!

2. Dead Salmon


The colour’s not too bad but we don’t know what it smells like.

3. Nacho Cheese


“…and in this room I was feeling like it really needed something that shouted, ‘oozing processed cheese substitute'”

4. Grandma’s Sweater


I love my Grandmother, very, very much. But her sweater is another matter entirely.

5. Cardboard


A name has the power to transport your imagination into another place. A lush forest perhaps, a blue lagoon maybe, or in this case, how about under a bridge?

6. Vegan


If you are after something sort of insipid and greenish, this could be the colour for you. Just be warned that it doesn’t match with the Nacho Cheese.

7. Hipsterfication


Instead of just being surrounded by irritating, hairy, trend-following 20-somethings who are so unique that they all look the same (a cross between an existentialist philosopher and a homeless person) while you grab your morning coffee from your favourite café, you could paint your kitchen hipster too. Or not.