There’s a Photo Booth That Lets You Print a 3D Model of Yourself

Nothing strokes a growing ego more than a 7 inch model of yourself.

ASDA 3DME has developed a photo booth that’s inside UK supermarkets that allows you to scan yourself out, and then print yourself out.


The process takes just 12 seconds where you must remain perfectly still. The ASDA 3DME Pod captures between 900 and 1500 frames which the software stitches together to form a 3D virtual image on screen. Once you are happy with the image it is then edited to produce your ASDA 3DME ceramic figurine.

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While the capture process takes only a few seconds, the actual printing of your model can take about 21 days. So if it’s the sort of thing you’re planning on doing then you should plan it all in advance. “Happy birthday, you’re scale model of me will be in the post soon.”

A single adult costs around $140nzd. Two together will set you back $274.