These Are The Erotic Categories Women Are Most Interested In

In a recent release by Pornhub celebrating Women’s Day some interesting statistics were brought to light about what girls enjoy looking at most and how long they spend doing it.

Well for the vast majority of the world the answer is “each other”, with most of the planet including New Zealand searching for “lesbians”, except for Asia which was more interested in cartoons, and Africa and the Middle East being more interested in keeping their pornography locally grown.


This massive tidal wave interested in the “lesbian” category doesn’t come as a major surprise, studies suggest that women are more drawn to that genre as it includes a lot more foreplay, than most other genres which are more bent towards giving the male viewer what he wants. “Female Friendly” is a small but growing genre which is aiming to remedy this situation for girls, where it’s more about the “female gaze” rather than the predominate industry “male gaze” which also affects Hollywood.



What is rather interesting though is that Kiwi are well above the average for time spent viewing per visit, weighing in at 11 minutes 36 seconds, 32 seconds longer than ladies over the ditch in Australia. The global average is 10:33. Philippines is the major outlier, outdoing everyone at almost 15 minutes.

Asia and Europe tend to not take long at all but Ukraine gets things done significantly faster than everyone else at 6 minutes 45 seconds.


It would be interesting to see if anything correlates with these charts like “average time worked” etc. It definitely doesn’t relate to average time spent having sex, which is only about 3 minutes.


Let’s just assume that our girls take a bit more work than the rest.