These Are The New Zealand Cities Where The Broodiest Singles Are Found

New data from a poll pulled together by Elite Singles is going to make us question every cliche we know about which gender wants kids the most. Also we get to see which cities around NZ are most likely to want to cement their relationship with kids.

Elite Singles analysed anonymous data from 44,000 single Kiwis aged 18-45 to determine the New Zealand cities where you can find the broodiest, most parentally inclined singles – along with with the most (and least!) broody cities in the country.

Map of NZ showing where people most want kids EliteSingles (1)

What the data found is that guys seemed far more into the idea than girls did. With 53% of single women in Waikanae being in consensus for wanting kids. Single guys in Wellsford however take the top prize for “Most Want a Kid” at 58%. In fact all the guys in Putaruru and Dannevirke also out-baby the girls.

Top 10 Baby Crazy Cities

Position Name of city or town Region % who DO want kids
1 Opotiki BOP 52%
2 Balclutha OTA 48%
3 Tuakau WKO 47%
4 Dargaville NTL 46.5%
5 Taupō WKO 46%
6 Dannevirke MWT 45.5%
7 Timaru CAN 45%
8 Wellington WGN 45%
9 Cromwell OTA 44.5%
10 Queenstown OTA 44%

Contrary to popular belief it seems that on average, 40% of Kiwi men definitely want children, while just 38% of women feel the same. In fact women are much more likely than men to not want children. On average, 18% of women are adamant that they don’t want children. For men, that figure is just 11%. According to the poll guys are most on the fence about babies, 49% of men are not sure whether or not they want to have kids, compared with 44% of women.

Pop culture has always portrayed girls as wanting kids more, but in New Zealand at least, that belief is now under contention.

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