These Are the Professions that Are Most Likely To Marry Each Other

Some careers are incestuous it seems. If you’re a lawyer your more likely to mingle with and marry another lawyer. Priceonomics used data collected by the US Census Bureau on 40 million people to get an idea of exactly which careers mix business with pleasure.

“We found that lawyers, farm workers and people in education are unusually likely to marry someone with a similar occupation, while miners, construction workers and people in finance were not. Just as we found for majors, men and women in job areas where they are a minority are more likely to find love in the workplace. Male teachers and flight attendants and female police officers and carpenters have an unusually high probability of finding someone with a similar job.”

On top of the list comes people working in agriculture followed by physicians and surgeons, where 1 in 4 are married to someone in the same career.

Job types most likely to marry each other

So I guess it’s a no-brainer that if you get into a career where you’re the only guy in the office, then you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting snaffled up.

If you’re a woman working in construction chances are you’ve married someone also in construction. On the flipside, there’s probably not to many chances of picking up a guy in a beauty salon funnily enough.

JObs most likely to marry Each Other (1)

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Likewise, if you’re a guy doing education you may have picked up another teacher while if you’re doing deep sea drilling then your options will be somewhat limited.

JObs most likely to marry Each Other (2)

On a personal note, I did a degree in design and was in the minority of the males in the room. 5 years on my partner and I still critique each others freelance work.