This Dad Is Having Way To Much Fun With His Paternity Leave

A Swedish stay at home dad Andreas Miezans, 33, has made a splash on social media after images of him having fun times with his 1 year old went viral.

The Swede, who really lives in Tønsberg, Norway, got inspired years ago by other dads who had done similiar projects and stunts. So when his turn for fatherhood came up he didn’t waste any time getting the maximum amount of entertainment he could out of his son.

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He would like to point out that it doesn’t take long to do the images, and paternity leave is no holiday, despite how it might look. His partner enjoys the images and is 100% behind him doing them.

Timing is everything and Miezans takes photos with his son Oskar right after breakfast when he’s in a good mood. “Afterwards, he becomes cranky, so I have only an hour for me to take pictures”.
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Most of the pictures take him between 20 minutes to an hour to put together, “Some pictures I have to spend two or three hours on, including the image of football”.

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Rumour has it he’s gotten in contact with the local fire department to get involved with the next photo, and they sound keen!

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PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: FUNNY PICTURE OF ANDREAS MIEZANS AND HIS SON OSCAR GOING TO THE TOILET) A fun-loving dad has won a legion of fans after he posted hilarious pictures of his baby son of just ONE doing the housework - including a snap where the duo light a barbecue. Andreas Miezans started taking the witty snaps during paternity leave after little Oscar was born last July. And using clever camera skills, the 33-year-old mocked-up a number of incredible scenarios, which include Oscar cutting the grass, filling up the car with petrol, and vacuuming the house. And the wacky pair also show off their love of the outdoors, with Oscar shown crawling along a running track and diving spectacularly into an inflatable garden paddling pool. SEE MERCURY COPYDad photoshops son m2now (13) Dad photoshops son m2now (12)  Dad photoshops son m2now (10) Dad photoshops son m2now (9) Dad photoshops son m2now (8) Dad photoshops son m2now (7) Dad photoshops son m2now (6) Dad photoshops son m2now (4) Dad photoshops son m2now (3)

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