This is One Terrifying and Classy Cliff Home

The Casa Brutale by Open Platform for Architecture is a sight to behold. This concept takes modern brutalistic simplicity and puts it in the most extreme environment, namely a sheer cliff.

It’s cooled by the pool above while being insulated by the ground it’s surrounded by.


“In essential simplicity, Casa Brutale is defined by three thick concrete slabs with all the installations preformed. The crystalline pool, made by reinforced glass, is set between the walls to smoothen the hard materials and let the abundant natural light through, illuminating the residence. The enormous glass façade frames and extracts the beauty of the Aegean. And small details of black-coated steel and brown/red aged wood complete the composition.”

This place is amazing, and would make for a great Bond villain location. Locations for this are pretty limited though. For more about Casa Brutale, check out its official site.

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