This is What Happens to your Body When You Fight With Your Partner

Fighting doesn’t help anyone. But sometimes you get frustrated with the way they squeeze toothpaste from the middle and something has to be said.

An infographic put out by perfectly illustrates what happens to your body when you get in a fight.

Your body when you're angry infographic

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Stress is the major killer, as it effects just about every other part of your body. If you have ever had sustained feelings of stress from work or your relationship then you’ll already be aware of the damaging effects it can have. Your immune system is battered, your heart is damaged by constriction of blood vessels and faster heart beat.

You can also damage your teeth by grinding them, weight gain can also occure, and stress is also linked to premature aging. How terrifying is that. You can prematurely age! When have you ever heard about the opposite happening?