This is Why Women Freeze at Work

New Zealand is getting its first arctic blast of the year and it’s freezing outside! To be honest, depending on where you work, it may not be much better inside!

Are you at work right now, freezing your butt off while guys walk around calling you a wuss? Well now you can tell them that the environment is literally tailoring to their ideal body temperature and not yours.

Air conditioning levels, it turns out, are set by 50-year-old standards based on the resting metabolic rate of a 70 kilogram, 40-year-old male.

Studies have found that women’s ideal temperature is slightly higher than men’s, about 25 degrees Celsius. Guys like it around 22.

Women are also on average smaller than men and produce less body heat.

So don’t worry, you’re not alone or deficient, things just aren’t built with us in mind. Of course.


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