Tinder Nightmares Makes Me Glad I’m Not A Part of the Dating Scene Anymore

I’ve recently started diving into WatchMe to see what the local entertainment scene has to offer. I mean, everyone’s got Netflix, but when the boss isn’t looking I’m not going to have enough time to slyly binge watch Sense 8 only to find they’ve canceled it anyway. Sorry, I digress.

Tinder Nightmares is four episodes in at the moment and I’m already hankering for more. Pulled from the ZM segment of the same name on the Fletch, Vaughan and Megan show callers tell their horrific stories courtesy of Tinder.

Episodes range from about 2 or 3 minutes long, so they’re pretty easy to smash back. Also different animators come in to do each episode, which gives it that oldschool Newgrounds vibe which is getting a bit of a resurgence in gamer circles on YouTube from the likes of the Game Grumps.

Every story starts the same “They seemed ok at first” but then suddenly descend into crazy town. It’s a winning formula and I can see why it’s so popular on the radio. The cartoon translation of the stories definitely make them share worthy.

The first episode starts innocently enough. Our protagonist meets a guy. Gets to know him a little online and then decides she wants to meet him. Her first impression upon meeting the guy is a sudden hit of BO. Ok that’s pretty bad, but everyone has their off day right? They have dinner and she isn’t really catching his vibe. At the end of the date she’s ready to bale and he goes in for the kiss. Bad breath, go figure, still could be worse. As she holds her breath to reciprocate his kiss he sticks three fingers in her mouth and shakes her around. “Like a fish!” yowls Fletch (or maybe Vaughn, they’re the same person right?).


She gets the hell out of there and ceases to talk to the dude. Until a couple weeks later when this story gets the cherry on top. He texts her and abuses her for being a bad girlfriend.

Anyway, I just spoiled the whole first episode for you. Sorry.

At the end of the day every story in the series enforces my happiness in my new marriage, and makes me glad I don’t need to mix and mingle with oddballs who get too easily attached. Give the show a watch here and you can keep up with the new shows coming out on their Facebook page.