Top 10 Most Popular First-Time Travel Destinations for Kiwi

Travel is possibly the best things we could do to grow as a person. It broadens our horizons, makes us more confident, and can quite literally change our lives. According to almost two thirds (65%) of respondents said that pushing themselves to take part in a new travel experience vastly increased their confidence.

This new-found confidence in turn acts as a motivator for people to make more dramatic life decisions. One in 10 state a first-time travel experience led them to switch jobs or career and even change their relationship, and a fifth (21%) decided to relocate.

Additionally, well-travelled people tend to be perceived as more interesting. Over half (61%) of those surveyed believed people who had experienced a variety of travel experiences to be more compelling as well as more successful in their careers.

“The adrenalin and confidence boost that travelling somewhere for the first time gives us makes it irresistible. Our first-time travel experiences open our minds, sparks our imagination and inspires us to continue trying something new or change direction in life. Once you catch the travel bug it’s simply contagious,” says Luke Ashall, New Zealand Area Manager at

Known for their love of adventure, it’s no surprise that Kiwis are fans of new travel experiences. Even when visiting somewhere they have already been, 73% of New Zealanders will seek to discover new things about the location in an attempt to recreate the buzz of the first-time.

But where are intrepid Kiwi travellers going for their first trip? The research reveals it’s the sandy beaches across the ditch, busy metropolises of the USA, culture of London and exotic lands of Singapore and the Philippines that most attract New Zealanders to stray to foreign shores for the first time. Although the majority of our first jumps into the international scene were to our big brothers over in Australia.

1. Sydney, Australia

SYdney Opera House

2. Brisbane, Australia


3. Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast Australia

4. Melbourne, Australia


5. London, UK


6. Manila, Philippines

Manilla phillipines

7. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles

8. Perth, Australia

Perth Australia

9. Suva, Fiji

Suva Fiji

10. Singapore