Uber Is Bribing Us All With Free Icecream to Make Us Forget They Just Did a Massive Tax Dodge

Uber is offering icecream in association with Lewis Road Creamery, with each completed delivery giving a hungry kid who is part of the Eat My Lunch program that same tub with their lunch. This news comes out at the same time as a Radio New Zealand report found that Uber paid only $9397 tax despite earning revenue of more than $1 million.

The report consulted Massey University taxation expert Deborah Russell who found that their avoidance scheme was “completely legal” despite it being completely immoral. Unfortunately immorality isn’t illegal.

The icecream offer will include a surprise new flavour in association with Lewis Road, and won’t be revealed till the day, which will be for tomorrow only (15th of July).

Uber reportedly uses a “cunning” system to minimize how much it has to pay in taxes. When you pay a fare it immediately goes offshore, with a small amount going back to the driver in payment. It should be noted that drivers are independent contractors, and are responsible for doing their own taxes. They take a cut of 80% while Uber keeps the other 20%.

To get your icecream you need to download the uber app here. If you’re a new user use the promo code ‘ICECREAMNZ‘ to get a free tub of icecream tomorrow. The icecream will be available between 11am – 5pm at the ICECREAM option on the app. Put in your location and wait for it to come your way!

All the money kind of floats off overseas, then they just pay a small amount back here.

Dr Russel, talking to Radio NZ believes that “All the money kind of floats off overseas, then they just pay a small amount back here.”

The money first goes over to the Netherlands before shifting through to a dutch company in Bermuda.

This isn’t new news, Fortune Magazine last year discovered these Uber money games getting played last year. They discovered that Uber only pays about 1% tax.

#UberIceCream is available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch CBD’s and inner suburbs. Check on the app to see if there is a car in your neighbourhood, and remember, all tubs help feed a hungry kiwi kid!

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