This Girl Dancing With a Smartphone Steady Grip Will Instantly Make You Want One. We Have You Covered

Go ahead and ask yourself whether you really need a professional style gimballed selfie stick and then watch this video and ask yourself again.

The video was made by Karen Cheng, who got famous after she posted a video of her learning to dance over the course of a year.

Even if you aren’t a professional film maker, you’re gonna want to feel the magic of using one of these things to get super smooth videos. So here are a few to check out!

Osmo Mobilelarge_osmo_mobile_2


You just saw this one demo’d in the video above, so you already know it’s good. It comes with ActiveTrack technology so it can stay facing you at all times, or like in the video, you can walk around it without it getting confused. Apart from it’s 3-axis gimbal system which smooths out the movements you make it also has a motion timelapse feature.

You can buy it here for about $299.


Can’t afford to shell out $200 for something you’re only going to use once or twice? That’s fine. Here’s a guide on how to make one yourself for about $10.

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Ikan FLY-X3-PLUSikan-ds1-beholder-gimbal-for-dslrs


If you’re looking for an option with a bit more flexibility there’s the Ikan which comes with a GoPro craddle for people who don’t want to put their phone on the end of a stick. It also comes with two other craddles for regular phones and phablets.

Prices start at $294