Where is it Rudest to Use Your Phone? – Infographic

A report recently put out by Colmar Brunton found where Kiwis use their phones most and where the think it’s most OK to use them.

What the study found was that only 32% found it rude to use your phone on the loo. Personally bathroom break time is “find a new app time” for me. But taking a call in there is a bit over the line.

The most popular place to use mobiles was in front of the TV. 2.5 hours a day are dedicated to the TV, with an extra half hour dedicated to it with each additional hour of free time we have. So it’s not entirely a surprise that so much of our time in front of the TV would also include using our phones.


The rudest place overall to use our phones are at the dinner table and the most hated social media behaviour is oversharing. Trolling which is specifically about annoying people online is 4% less hated than oversharing.

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