Wine Review – SPY VALLEY PINOT GRIS 2016 Region Marlborough

Varietal Pinot Gris has been seeing increasing growth in popularity around New Zealand. The broad appeal comes from the unassuming nature of the grape, slightly sweet with very delicate flavours and lower acidity. As an aromatic, this wine derives its flavour from that of the grape, as opposed to flavours that have developed through fermentation and the ageing process. Generally you’ll find Pinot Gris grown in the same areas that turn out outstanding Pinot Noirs. (‘Gris’ in French is grey while ‘noir’ of course is black). I have mentioned in early articles the emergence of some delightful Pinot Noirs from the Marlborough region. Marlborough has the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand and Pinot Gris loves the sun.

This particular Pinot Gris is outstanding – a full bodied wine with mouth-filling grip and richness. Produced from grapes from Spy Valley’s own Johnson Vineyard in the Waihopai Valley and the Meadowbank vineyards on the Taylor River. With predominantly hand-picked grapes and using gentle juice extraction, they have produced a sophisticated Pinot Gris.

Perfect for consumption during these hot summer months on its own or with a chicken Thai green curry or a salmon, lamb or chicken tikka masala. The slightly sweeter flavour helps cut through the spiciness of the dish.


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