You Won’t Be Able To Guess Which Famous Actor This 80s Pop Star Is

It’s amazing what a bit of weight and thirty years can do to a face. Here’s another picture from a slightly different angle, does that help? Or are you thrown by how incredibly 80s the whole thing is? This young 20 something is now a famous comedian, producer, writer and actor. Chances are you hate him cause he can be a bit of tosser sometimes.

After the video we’ll tell you who it is.


You’re looking at the lead band member of Seona Dancing, not that that helps. This British New Wave Synthpop band really got big off their song More to Lose.

Ok ok, You’re looking at Ricky Gervais as a young 20 year old, years before he made it big with The Office. So what happened to his bandmate Bill Macrae with the massive hair? Well Ricky joked on Jimmy Kimmel that “I hope he got fat, too.”

Ricky Gervais

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