The World’s 7 Oddest Theme Parks

Last week I had a look at the Hell theme park in Thailand, and it definitely takes the cake as the strangest theme park, but maybe it’s not the sort of thing you’d rush to immediately. Sometimes you need a warm-up and a little fun before you take a look at hell.

Love Land, South KoreaHoot-and-his-Dog-Love-Land

This place is full of photo opps and erotic, oftentimes goofy statues doing the dirty. South Korea sure knows how to have fun. You gotta be 18 to check it out, but don’t worry, apparently there’s an ominously titled play area for minors while the adults take a quick look around.

Ferrari WorldFerrari_World_Abu_Dhabi

Not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries, Ferrari has the largest indoor theme park and fastest ride in the world. The Formula Rossa accelerates up to 240km/hr and subjecting thrillseekers to 4.8Gs. Not super odd I grant you, but super bad ass.

Hacienda Napoles, Colombiaimage

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AKA Pablo Escobar’s estate. The plane stationed at the entrance is a Piper, a replica of the plane that carried the first shipment of cocaine to the United States. Not only is there a theme park featuring rusted hulks of Pablo’s fleet, but there’s also a maximum security prison built nearby with real life guards and inmates.

If you’re lucky you might see Pablo’s hippos that have turned feral and now terrorize local fisherman.