You can Now Microwave Your Armpits to Remove Hair & Sweat

Waxing might soon be in the past. As will shaving and lasers. Because now there’s a new kid in the block, Microwaves.

MiraDry has been approved by the FDA for use. It’s a hand held device which essentially looks like a scan-gun you’d find at a supermarket. First the doctor marks the area for zapping, numbs the area, and then blasts away. The whole thing would take about 40 minutes.

Apparently you can feel sore for a couple days, or as they like to spin it “short-term altered sensation”, although we assume it wouldn’t ever randomly feel euphoric.


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Women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D. isn’t convinced.

“The use of microwave technology has been established for sweating, and the safety and efficiency has been well-established,” she says. “But despite the FDA approval, there’s not much long-term information and data on safety and efficacy for hair removal.”