Cringe Alert! These 10 Engagement Photos Are So Awkward

We have all enjoyed the odd awkward family photo.

Well, luckly enough for us, the same camera awkwardness also translates into engagement photos.

So it’s up to you to decide. Who is instigating these poses, is it the photographer or the couple? Or perhaps a mixture or both?

We’ll let you be the judge.

1. Two people become one when they get married, just like these traffic meters. 

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2. “I’ve finally found the superman I need in my life.”

3. This couple ended up with a ‘cracking’ backdrop.

4. Your classic ‘ring shot’.

5. You can’t call it an engagement shoot if the whole family isn’t there right?


5. Those are the wedding rings on top of that watermelon…


6. I can just hear the conversation in my head that went into discussing this photo.


7. At the end of the day hun, you are pale in comparison to the diamond ring. 


8. Photographer: “If you both just close your eyes for a moment.”

9. Even her partner doesn’t look so sure. 

10. Uh, is this what marriage looks like… a life sentence?