5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, 80 per cent of people are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Although that sounds difficult to believe, we’ve all witnessed a friend or colleague complaining about their job… or it may have even been us.

So why are we feeling so dissatisfied at work? What stage should you actually just call it quits?

Here are the top reasons why you should quit you job.

You feel like a small fish that can’t make a difference

In many ways you are in fact a small fish in a big pond, but if you feel like you aren’t making a difference, it is highly likely you will not be satisfied. No one likes feeling insignificant and unfortunately this is likely to happen in a large organisation. Life’s too short to feel like a cog in a larger machine.

You get criticized in public 

We all need constructive feedback. When we are told how we can do something better, it’s an important skill to be able to take this feedback on board. It is important that it’s done in private, being told publicly is likely to give your self-esteem a good knock.  It’s not healthy to fear the next time you will be criticized or humiliated in front of other people.

You’re never thanked

Everyone needs praise. Not everyone likes to be thanked in public but regardless of how we like to be thanked – it’s very important. Knowing when we do something well can give us motivation to do even better next time. Life’s to short to not be recognised for your contributions.

You don’t see any future

Every job should have a pathway towards something whether it’s a promotion or an opportunity for extra responsibilities. There should be a glimpse of something different ahead of you and if not, there’s definitely a problem. Companies should have an interest in their employee’s job progression, even if that means they might leave for another job. Life’s too short to live without hope.

You dread going to work 

We spend an awful amount of our adult life working. I won’t pull in any stats to scare you, but it’s a lot. Take a moment to think about what you actually enjoy. Is there anyway that you could incorporate this in your work? If you are unhappy at work, you are going to bring this with you into your personal life, negatively affecting everything you do.  Life’s too short to hate work.

Don’t let work negatively consume you. If you identify with two or more, have a think about whether there are any other work options that you could consider.

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