These Photos Will Change Your Mind On Cheesy Engagement Shots

Engagement photos are a contentious issue for some couples.

For some, there is no questioning that their love should be captured at such a special point in time. Whereas for others, the horror of awkwardly kissing in front of a photographer sends chills up their spine.

For the anxious couples out their, we have some gorgeous photos that may change your mind.

The “one foot up” pose – This is such a gorgeous photo however, I doubt my toe would look that pointed!



The forehead kiss – Everyone used to have one of these blankets at home right? Way to make it look fashionable! It took me a good few minutes to actually question why they have a blanket on a summer’s day. Maybe they have just watched the sun rise… cute!






Jordan Voth


Caught in the moment – This engagement photo inside a greenhouse is stunning. Her bouquet of flowers looks surprisingly natural too.

Kate Supa


Stunning backdrop – With such a stunning background, it almost doesn’t matter what the couple looks like in the foreground. A fail safe photo for the more shy couples out there.

Collin Pierson


Having fun together – Not much looks more enjoyable than this couple being photographed on their family ranch.

Jeremy Minnerick


Pets in the picture – We love this cute photo, even better when you take a closer look at the dog clawing for attention!

Engagement Photos in San Francisco, at Baker Beach.
Gabriel Boone

Engagement shots don’t have to be cringe-worthy. They can be natural, playful, full of light and artistic.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration if you are looking at getting engaged in future.

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