100 Years of Intelligent Peugeot Design Has Brought Us Here

Extensively re-engineered and magnetic in every way, the new Peugeot 208 hits all the high notes.

The chassis is sculpted to be as ambitious as its driver, with striking detailing around the centre line that forms a unique ‘spine’ and gives it an unmistakable feline presence. Laser welding lowers weight but also intensifies tensile strength, a previously unused construction technique that results in a 208 that’s stronger and over 100kg lighter. It’s the perfect blend of agility and beauty.

Under the hood sits an engineering innovation, the all-new Peugeot PureTech engine that’s already claimed International Engine of the Year. A 1.2L that gives you the performance of a 1.6, and delivers power at unprecedented efficiency to a finessed 6-speed gearbox. Achieving all this through a blend of direct fuel injection and modern lightweight materials, it results in an exhilarating ride that’s razor sharp yet silky smooth.

This is a potent combination when coupled with our intuitive i-Cockpit technology, which has been designed in harmony with the exterior to create an integrated driving experience you can get excited about from the moment you turn the key. Featuring a smaller steering wheel and an eye-level display, it’s a culmination of 100 years of intelligent Peugeot design you’ll want to see for yourself.

All yours from just $26,990 for the Active and $29,990 + ORC for the Allure, this is a 208 that will make you re-think motion.