10 Apps That Are Killing Your Phone Battery Really Really Fast

Having a dead phone is probably one of the most inconvenient things in the world ever. I know, #FirstWorldProblems, but seriously, have you ever tried to find somebody in a crowded mall at Christmas time without a phone? Yes, the struggle is just too real.

To save you from having a breakdown in the middle of Westfield, the smart people at AVG have just released  the Android App Performance and Trend Report with a complete list that tells us exactly why our phones are dying so fast.

According to the report, between January and April of this year there were 10 apps that we can point the finger at in terms of making our phones die constantly. While the report was based on Android phones, experts say that the conclusions are likely to be very similar across iOS and Windows phones too.

1. Facebook

2. Google Maps

3. Facebook Messenger

4. Instagram

5. Blackberry Messenger

6. ChatOn

7. Kik

8. WhatsApp

9. WeChat

10. The Weather Channel 

There you have it. If you want to save battery, turning off Facebook could save you. Sorry, Zuckerberg.

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