10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Please

Christmas is almost here and among the busyness of the season, it’s easy to let time get the better of you and find yourself crying in the corner of Farmers because you can’t find a Christmas present for your mum/ BFF/ that random relation that you haven’t seen for 7 years. If you are currently having a minor mental breakdown (all of us to be honest) and you actually have no bloody idea what to buy for people, we’ve got your back.

For the boys, check out our gift ideas for the man in your life. For the girls, we’re throwing at you 10 of our best ideas. These gifts are all easy to find, quick to purchase and will make you look like a Christmas angel who put billions of hours of thought into your gifting. Good luck, ladies!

1. Cocktail set

Does your friend/ mum/ random relation love alcohol? If yes, a cocktail set could be perfect for them. Head to your nearest homeware store or Kmart for an already assembled kit or if you prefer, buy each element separately and combine together in a cute gift box. Include a shaker, a small bottle of spirits, a cocktail mixer and maybe even a couple of fancy glasses if you are feeling really inspired. Focus on providing ingredients to make one type of drink and base your purchases around that. Popular favourites include strawberry daiquiri and the classic mojito.

2. Bottle of bubbles

CBF with the cocktail set? A bottle of bubbles is always an easy, yet still alcoholic, idea. Unless you are seriously strapped for cash, look for something a little bit fancy to really impress. Best thing of all is that you can pick this up from the supermarket on your way home and can even get one of those cute little wine gifting bags to save you from gift wrapping dramas. Winning!

3. Statement earrings

One of the hottest accessories of the season, any fashionista would be happy to receive a pair of fun statement earrings this Christmas. Head into basically any women’s fashion store and you will be greeted with multiple possibilities. Handy hint – make sure you check that she actually has her ears pierced before buying her earrings, otherwise things could get awkward…

4. Scented candle

I honestly do not know any woman who doesn’t go crazy for a good scented candle. If in doubt always choose a neutral scent like vanilla and stay away from pungent scents that could be considered a bit too intense. Ecoya has a great range and their limited edition Christmas candles are honestly delicious.

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5. 2017 diary or journal

A diary or journal is honestly one of the most underrated gifts ever. It may not sound sexy, but it is always useful and come January 1, your gift recipient will totally feel like they have their crap together. Kikki.K has a really good selection and stylish designs that will really make it look like you went the extra mile.

6. Drink bottle

It’s summer and we are basically all dehydrated 99 percent of the time, so of course a stylish drink bottle is going to be a winner. A good glass drink bottle not only looks cool, but many of them come with features that allow you to infuse your water with fruit and other goodies.

7. Iced tea maker

I don’t know any mums who don’t like tea so if you are stuck for a gift for mum an iced tea maker could be a good idea. Slightly trendier than a teapot, an iced tea maker not only looks cool but it will keep everybody cool too.

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8. A winning book

Summer and a good book go hand in hand so it makes sense that buying somebody a book for Christmas is going to be a winner. Think about what they’re interested in and try to find a book that fits in with this. Whether it’s a romantic novel, short fiction or a cook book, it’s always nice to receive an actual paper book to enjoy over summer. Check out our top picks for good summer reads.

9. Sun hat

This season is all about the wide-brimmed straw sun hat and during my billions of hours of Christmas shopping at the mall I saw dozens of styles that were actually super cool. If the person you are buying for is a bit of a beach bunny, a nice sun hat will not only keep them safe in the sun this summer but will actually look very stylish.

10. M2woman magazine subscription

There’s something pretty great about receiving a magazine in the mail as soon as the new issue comes out. Give the gift that keeps on giving and buy somebody a subscription for M2woman this Christmas. This is perfect for you if you actually do not have time to make it to the shops but still want to impress. Check out our online store to purchase a subscription now.

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