10 Nudists Tell What It’s Really Like To Live Life Naked

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t know a lot about what it’s like to live life as a nudist. I’m a major fan of clothing to be honest, so I don’t think a naked lifestyle would suit me too well. I am very aware however that there are millions of really great people out there who for one reason or another just love being in the nude. No judgement – whatever floats your boat.

A group that is basically never represented on television or in films, when nudists are represented, they are often highly stereotyped as being very strange old people or hippie types who are slightly crazy. Tired of being judged and stereotyped, 10 nudists used the secret sharing app Whisper to tell the world what it is actually like to live life naked and their confessions were fascinating.

Some nudists admitted that they find it difficult to open up to people about their lives, while also feeling heavily restricted when they have to wear clothing. “I feel free only when at home alone,” one person wrote. So what is it actually like to live life naked?


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1. “People at work think I’m boring, none of them know I’m a nudist.”

2. “As a nudist, I resent spending my money on clothes just because other people have an unhealthy attitude towards nudity.”

3. “As a nudist I broke up with a girl because she did not enjoy being naked. Just couldn’t see how it could work.”

4. “People struggle to understand it’s not sexual. It’s about bonding and being closer to others and nature.”

5. “I’m a nudist in a country that shames nudity. So I feel free only when I’m at home.”

6. “I’m a nudist and I have no problem with people who are modest. Just like, don’t hate me for it. I feel comfortable this way.”

7. “Sometimes I forget people actually wear clothes around their house!”

8. “As a nudist I find I pay more attention to details, such as smelling nice.”

9. “I think one reason people become nudists is so they don’t have to do as much laundry.”

10. “I’ve spent the past six months working at a nudist resort. I’ve only put clothes on maybe once a month to get groceries… It felt unnatural!”

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