These Are The Top 25 Highest-Paying Jobs For Women In 2017

While we often like to think that men and women are equal in modern society, it’s a sad fact that women are still consistently paid less than men. Because every dollar counts, each year, Forbes compiles of a list of the highest-paying jobs for women to help women gauge an idea of the industry’s in which they have a higher earning potential.

To compile the list, Forbes analysed the median weekly earnings of full-time female workers last year to find the top-paying fields. The study only looked at jobs that have more than 50,000 workers in the US in an effort to eliminate niche careers that are very difficult for new workers to gain access to.

The study found that the highest paid female role of the year was unsurprisingly CEOs, who earned an average of $95,472 USD per year ($1,836 each week). Unfortunately, female CEOs only fill 27 percent of chief executive positions, demonstrating that the distribution of power on the workplace is still heavily male skewed.

Coming in second on the list were Pharmacists, who earned  $94,172 each year and $1,811 per week. Interestingly, Forbes does not gather a list of the highest paid jobs for men but my guess is that if they did, the differences in pay would be enough to get your blood boiling.

Here is the full list of the highest-paying jobs for women and what you can expect to make in each role. All figures are listed in USD:

1. Chief Executive: $95,472

2. Pharmacist: $94,172

3. Lawyer: $89,284

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $81,267

5. Nurse Practitioner: $79,144

6. Engineer: $75,296

7. Software Developer: $73,580

8. Management Analyst: $70,096

9. Operations Research Analyst: $68,900

10. Computer Programmer: $67,704

11. Human Resources Manager: $66,248

12. Marketing and Sales Manager: $65,416

13. Computer Systems Analyst: $65,312

14. Education Administrator: $65,104

15. Market Analyst and Marketing Specialist: $64,428

16. Producer and Director: $64,168

17. Purchasing Manager: $63,752

18. Physical Therapist: $63,180

19. Manager: $63,076

20. Occupational Therapist: $62,348

21. Psychologist: $61,828

22. Financial Analyst: $60,892

23. Physical Scientist: $60,840

24. Medical and Health Services Manager: $60,112

25. Speech-Language Pathologist: $59,696

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