3 Of The Most Common Reasons Relationships Fail

Unless you’re currently doing the whole ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ thing, chances are you are probably not a fan of failed relationships. While some relationships end for good reasons and in the end, both parties are better off with somebody else, breakups are never easy and nobody ever wants things to end badly with somebody they once loved.

According to Business Insider, psychological studies are rife with information on why relationships fail and turns out there are a few very common reasons why many relationships simply just don’t stand the test of time. If your current relationship isn’t going well, take a long hard look at what is happening – chances are that one of these factors has come into play somewhere along the way. The good news is that they can all be fixed.

  1. Giving the silent treatment

According to studies, couple who partake in “demand-withdrawal” patterns — i.e. one partner pressuring the other and receiving silence in return, are more likely to be unhappy in their relationship. The study concluded that for couples who struggle with this, the best way to improve their relationship is to simply adopt better communication patterns in which both partners are willing to share their thoughts and opinions, instead of keeping them bottled up.

  1. Being dishonest about your financial situation

According to Business Insider, nearly 40 percent of Americans admit to lying to their partners about money at some stage, and this has been linked with an increase in fighting, distrust and even divorce among couples. Experts say that the best way to get past this issue is to simply put everything on the table and be honest about where you are at financially and what your finances have looked like in the past. “Before you decide to combine (or even partially combine) finances with your partner, it helps to have a conversation about budgeting and your financial histories, and to come up with guidelines for making big individual purchases,” says Business Insider.

  1. Refusing to try new things

Studies have found that people who are willing to try new things tend to be happier in their relationships overall. According to psychologists, when couples stop developing new interests in common, relationships tend to decline. “So take up your partner’s offer to try a new restaurant or go hiking instead of spending Saturday at the movies — at least once in a while,” says Business Insider.

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