3 Simple Hacks For Choosing The Most Perfect Avocado Of Your Life

There are many things that I will joke about, but in my eyes, choosing the right avocado is no laughing matter. If you are anything like me and take your avocado selection a bit too seriously, this one is for you.

After recently spending $3 on the absolute worst avocado of my life, I went on a mission to find out once and for all how to choose the perfect avocado, and thankfully the internet is ripe (HAHA avocado pun) with some great suggestions.

Thanks to My Domaine, we have for you three simple hacks for choosing the best avocado of your life. You’re welcome.


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1. Examine the colour

The colour of a ripe avocado will vary depending on the type of avocado that it is. If you’re buying Hass avocados, the skin will become almost black when the fruit is ripe. If you are buying other types such as Harvest and Pinkerton, the skin of a ripe avocado will most likely be a medium to dark green colour. It may sound ridiculous, but if in doubt it could be useful to google the particular type of avocado that you are looking at to ensure that what you are buying is the right colour.