3 Simple Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Way Longer

As women, most of us have a perfume of choice – a scent that we consider to be ‘our’ special perfume. Unfortunately for me, my perfume of choice just so happens to be Chanel No. 5 and as one of the most expensive perfumes out, needless to say that finding ways to make my precious fragrance last longer is high on my list of priorities. Am I right, ladies?

If your perfume is running out faster than you would like, chances are that you are not being as scent-savvy as you could be. On a mission to save the ladies of the world some serious moolah, Byrdie offered a few tips on how to make your perfume last longer. Take notes ladies, this is going to save you big bucks.


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1. Store it properly

Most people don’t know that perfume actually has an expiration date and after awhile, your perfume will turn dark and syrupy, indicating that it is past it’s best-by date. To help ensure that your perfume lasts longer, store your fragrance in a cool, dark place (not in the fridge) and keep it away from temperature-intense environments such as heaters and air conditioning units.