3 Romantic European Road Trips That Every Couple Needs To Experience

When you think of a romantic getaway what comes to mind? Laying in the sand under shady palm trees? Snuggling up beside the fire at a ski resort? Or perhaps even  watching the sun rise from a luxurious hotel window? Here’s one you probably haven’t thought of – a road trip through Europe.

While people often head to the US if they in the mood for a cross-country roadie, Europe is well set up for the perfect romantic road trip. “You’ll find the small continent is packed full of so many idyllic, lesser discovered routes,” says travel writer Connor Jones on Viva Travel and Lifestyle. ” There are journeys that take you to picturesque French villages, through Italian beach towns and along Germany’s aptly titled Romantic Road.”

Amalfi Coast, Italy

At just 30 miles (48 km) long, the Amalfi Coast is the European equivalent of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. While the route can easily be explored in just one day, taking your time will allow you to see some of the most beautiful spots in Italy. From the island of Capri to the beautiful beach-side town of Napoli, this roadie is filled with stunning views, great food and fine wine.


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