4 Easy Ways To Burn More Calories During Your Workout

You know what they say – no pain no gain. And if you’re anything like me, you probably find working out pretty painful.

If you’re looking to get the most out of  your workout and maybe burn off that large piece of chocolate cake you had for lunch (… yes, I’m looking at you), the good news is that there are a number of small things that you can do to ensure that you are burning as many calories as humanly possible.

While you can’t go past a good, hard workout, burning calories isn’t just about working harder, it’s also about working smarter.

1. Get your arms moving

It’s not hard to understand that the more you move, the more calories you will burn. If you’re running or walking, swinging your arms around while you move is the easiest way to burn extra calories. Simply swinging your bent arms from your waist to your chest as you move can burn up to 15 percent more calories. If you want to up the anti, try swinging around two small hand weights as you run.


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2. Drink cold water

A study from the Journal of International Science and Sports Nutrition found that drinking cold water during a workout contributed to a more delayed exhaustion rate while cycling and because of this, people that consumed chilled water while working out were able to workout harder for longer. Apparently the cooling effect that cold water has on your body’s core temperature is the key to fighting off that horrible feeling of exhaustion.