4 Simple Tips To Make Travelling With A Baby A Breeze

We’ve all been on a flight with a baby that just won’t stop crying/ can’t stop pooping/ keeps throwing up. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to our own children, pretty much every woman in the world is on a massive mission to have the most well-behaved baby on the flight, not to mention be the most well-prepared mum in history.

While going on a longgggg plane trip with a baby may sounds slightly terrifying, travelling with young ones doesn’t have to be a drama. Thanks to Vogue we have for you four ways to make travelling with a baby a breeze.


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1. Pay extra to choose your plane seats

It pays to take some time to research the guidelines that your chosen airline has when it comes to travelling with babies and young children. If you’re flying with your partner, try paying extra to book a middle seat and a window seat in a row of three. Generally, the last seats to be booked will be single, middle seats, so it gives you a higher chance of having some extra space. If you’re not willing to risk having a stranger in the middle of you, opt for an emergency exit row or a seat at the front of the plane that has a bit of extra room.

2. Bring a small stroller

Check your large stroller in with your baggage and bring a smaller, umbrella stroller to use for the airport and plane. Not only will your small stroller fold down much smaller for the plane, it will also be far easier to navigate through a crowded airport.