4 Smart Airport Hacks That Will Make Travelling a Breeze

Ask any jet setter what the worst part of their holiday was and there’s a high chance there would be mention of the airport somewhere in there. Unless you love long lines, crowded public toilets, flight delays and paying $13 for a dried out ham and cheese sandwich, chances are you also have some fairly strong opinions about airports.

Well-aware of basically every humans aversion to airports, Business Insider Australia went on a mission to compile a few super useful airport hacks to help make your time at the airport just that much easier. Straight from the mouths of airport employees, these hacks are guaranteed to save you time, money and a good deal of sanity next time you travel.


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1. Save some dollars

In most airports in New Zealand luggage carts are free, however in many airports around the world it is common for luggage carts to come at a small fee. To save yourself a few bucks, try picking up a luggage cart from outside of the terminal as soon as you arrive at the airport as people generally just leave them all over the car park once they are done with them. Not only will this save you a few dollars that you can now put towards coffee, but in some airports you even get a refund for returning luggage carts to the correct station, so you could even make a few dollars off you hustle!