5 Easy Ways To Look Stylish When You Have Zero Motivation

It’s a well known fact that fashion bloggers basically look #flawless 24/7 and when it comes to fashion and beauty, the stylish women of the internet rarely miss a beat. If you’re anything like me, you may at times find yourself sitting there in your sweat pants wondering how on earth these women manage to look great every single day.

In search of answers, we sought out the advice of Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion – a woman who needless to say, has her style game on lock. As a full time blogger and founder of of ILY Couture, Christine knows a thing or two about looking great and shared with us a few tips on how we can all look great every single day too.


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1. Get a gel manicure

“It lasts the longest! With regular polish my nails chip in 2 seconds and who has time to worry about touching up your manicure every other day!”

Happy Saturday fam ?

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