5 Foods That Will Naturally Detox Your Liver

While many people decide to detox to lose weight or clear their skin, looking after your liver is another great reason that you should consider giving a detox a go. If you drink regularly or eat a lot of fatty foods, chances are that your liver could do with a bit of a detox and doing so will help you to feel better in the long run.

According to holistic nutritionist Anne Baker, if you are regularly experiencing abdominal bloating, liver pain, have dark spots on your skin (liver spots), or have skin issues, these could all be tell-tale signs that your liver is in desperate need of a detox.

While short term detoxs are popular, a long term or ‘daily’ detox is the way to go if you are serious about getting your liver – and the rest of your body – in shape. While a long term detox may sound painful, it’s actually not as bad as you may think and can be easily done by incorporating a few tasty natural foods into your everyday diet.

By incorporating some of these foods into your everyday diet, you will promote liver health and will soon start feeling better than ever before.

1. Green tea  

Drinking green tea on a regular basis is a great way to support healthy liver function because green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains catechins, a polyphenol that prevents liver inflammation. Green tea also helps to protect your liver from toxic substances such as alcohol.

2. Dandelion Root

Not only does dandelion root stimulate liver detoxification and clear toxins from your body, but it can also act as a good alternative to coffee. Consuming dandelion root will also help with bloating as it assists with digestion.


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