5 Common Habits That Are Ageing Your Body

It’s no secret that the world is absolutely tech-crazy right now and whether it’s Instagram, email, Netflix or Snapchat, most of us are guilty of wasting far too much time with our faces buried in screens. But have you ever thought about what your tech habits are actually doing to your body?

With a business that revolves around her tech devices, full time blogger at Hello Fashion and founder of of ILY Couture Christine Andrew,  spends most of her time online. It wasn’t until recently that she actually began to think about how her tech habits are aging her body and impacting on her health.

“I was recently reading this article about all the negative effects your excessive cell phone has on your body. YIKES!” says  Andrew. “The older I get the more I pay attention to taking care of my skin. I wish I would have started younger. It would have saved me a few extra wrinkles but it’s better now than later.”

So if you’re not willing to give up your devices (and let’s be honest, most of us aren’t!) what is a girl to do?

1. Netflix and squats

There is nothing better than a Netflix binge on a cold and rainy evening, but according to Andrews, sitting still for this long is seriously bad for your body. “When the newest season of your favorite TV show finally hits Netflix, it might take a miracle to pull you away from your screen after just one episode, but after 30 minutes of sitting your metabolism slows down by 90 percent,” says Andrew.

“Your metabolism slows naturally as it ages so no need to rush the process! If you’re going to hit “Next Episode”, get up and do some squats or crunches while you watch.”


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