5 Simple Holiday Packing Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel

When it comes to packing for travel, it’s all too easy to simply throw everything that you own in a bag – trust me, I know. But ask any frequent flyer and they’ll tell you one thing – less is most definitely more when it comes to packing. For travel and style blogger Jenny Cipoletti of  Margo & Me, packing a good suitcase is a high priority when it comes to making her frequent trips away a breeze. No matter where in the world she is headed,  there are five simple packing rules that Cipoletti swears by.

1. Always put heavier items underneath

“In order to maximise your space, keep your suitcase bottom heavy by starting with coats, shoes and denim,” Cipoletti says. “This eliminates any of your fragile, specialty pieces from getting crushed along the way.”

Earlier, arriving to Positano. It feels as unbelievable as it looks.

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2. Roll your denims

“Although it doesn’t always look like it, denim surprisingly takes up a tonne of room. By rolling your denims, you can keep them from taking up too much space. To take it one step further, use your rolled up denims to line the perimeter of your suitcase to give your bag the perfect structure and use every square inch of space!”

Colors of Capri in @dolcegabbana

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