5 Lazy-Girl Ways To make Your Clothes Fit Better Without Sewing A Thing

I’m sure every woman out there has at least a couple of things in their wardrobe that they absolutely love, but really, it just doesn’t fit very well. *sigh*If you are anything like me and a massive failure on the sewing machines, it can get pretty pricey paying tailors to alter your clothes all of the time.

There must be a better way, right? Correct my friend. Here are five ways to make your clothes fit better without doing any sewing. Hooray for the lazy girls!

1. If your dress is too baggy… 

Belt up baby! Not only is this an instant way of bringing your dress in, but it is also universally flattering on basically everybody.

2. If your pants are too long… 

Add a pair of heels for a more formal look, or if you’re going casual, experiment with cuffing the bottom of the pants.

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3. If your dress or skirt is too long… 

Tie the hem to the side. Not only will this stop your dress from dragging along the ground, but it will also give the illusion of you being slightly taller.

4. If your pants keep falling down… 

Tuck a thick top or sweater into your pants too add a bit of extra padding that will stop your pants from falling down. Of course a good old fashioned belt can work too!

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5. If your top is too revealing… 

Layer a basic long sleeve or tee under your top to give you extra coverage. This hack is also perfect if you want to wear a summer top or dress in winter.

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