5 Of The Best Places To Eat Brunch This Weekend

No matter where you are across New Zealand the good news is that this small nation is pretty bloody stellar at putting on a good brunch and there are literally thousands of cafes across the country that offer top notch brunch options.

If you’re planning ahead for the weekend and looking for some good brunch options, look no further. Here are five of the best from across the North Island and the best thing of all, these stylish cafes will not only provide a feast for your mouth, but your eyes too.

1. Major Sprout, Auckland

Tucked away in one of the quietest corners of Auckland’s CBD, Major Sprout is by far one of the most Instagram-worthy brunch spots in central Auckland. With a modern airy and industrial vibe, the cool cafe boasts an interior that even the harshest critics would not be able to fault. With an impressive menu that  includes vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and raw options, Major Sprout is the perfect brunch spot for people who are willing to do anything #ForTheGram.

21 Graham Street, Auckland 

The Wednesday morning grind ☕️

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2. Dear Jervois, Auckland

Dear Jervois was one of the first brunch spots I visited when I first moved to Auckland and to be honest, it was a big part of my growing to love the big city. An absolute Auckland institution, Dear Jervois is located in Herne Bay and is the perfect option for anybody who enjoys wearing their activewear to brunch (seriously, who doesn’t?) without fear of being judged. The menu at Dear Jervois is once again impressive, offering all of the brunch classics, with a health-conscious twist. If you’re stuck for what to get, I would highly recommend the waffles.

234 Jervois Road, Auckland 


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The door is open. See you soon?

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3. Storehouse, Taupo

It may sound cliche, but Storehouse is more than just a cafe, it’s a destination. I first stumbled across Storehouse on Instagram (of course) and was instantly making plans to visit this super trendy cafe on my next trip to Taupo. Located in an industrial factory-like setting, Storehouse is set over two levels. Complete with bicycles, hanging wall plants and retro furniture, Storehouse is definitely a hipster’s dreamland. Serving the best coffee in the region, the cafe has a good selection of cabinet food, as well as a very decent menu. Once you’ve eaten everything on the menu, you can take a stroll around the attached store that sells furniture and homewares.

14 Runanga Street, Taupo 

Happy Easter everyone! We are open all weekend with no surcharge! ?☕️??

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Aaaannddd we are open today, tomorrow and the next! Come down and see us with no surcharge #Easter #taupo

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4. Customs Coffee Supreme, Wellington

Any Wellington local will tell you that when it comes to good coffee, Customs is top dog. Customs is located in the Cuba Precinct of Wellington and while it may be small, it sure is mighty. Boasting an effortlessly cool interior, Customs is a  paradise for coffee-addicts and serves Coffee Supreme that is roasted locally in Welly. While it may not have a large menu, Customs specialises in designer toast combinations that look just as good as they taste. With what seems like a billion different coffee options (including an impressive range of beans that you can purchase in store for your at-home brewing pleasure), Customs is the perfect brunch spot for those who are unwilling to compromise on the quality of their coffee.

36 Ghuznee Street, Wellington 

Flowers from our friend Prak next door @precinct_35 ?

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The hoppers are full for what will undoubtedly be a big weekend. Make sure you pop by and pick up beans for Christmas!

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5. George, Mt Maunganui

I grew up at the Mount and I can tell you this – the local cafe scene has improved by about seven thousand points in the past fifteen years. Leading the charge in bringing good brunch options to the Mount, George is one of my personal favourite brunch spots. A super quaint cafe that is covered in greenery and has a distinct homely feel, George is the perfect brunch destination for the greenies among us. Focusing on sustainability and using organic milk, bread, chicken and coconut sugar, the menu at George is fresh, healthy and delicious. Situated just metres away from Omanu Beach (the less busy but equally beautiful alternative to Mount Main Beach), brunch at George should always be followed by a stroll down the beach and maybe even a swim (after an hour of course!)

91 Oceanbeach Road, Mt Maunganui 

Annual Easter Plant Sale @georgeatomanu!! #happyeastermotherchuckers

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Good Friday, Good Plants. #easterplantsale

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