5 Questions You Need To Seriously Ask Yourself Before Choosing Bridesmaids

I would definitely say that being asked to be a bridesmaid is pretty much the holy grail of female friendship.

But with friends from our various life stages such as school, uni and work, as well as every city we have lived in, not to mention sisters and cousins, there are often simply just too many amazing women in our lives that we have to choose between.

To help you avoid making the wrong decision, we have for you 5 questions that you should seriously ask yourself before choosing your bridesmaids.

1. Are you close with her? 

While it’s tempting to choose a bridesmaid because she lived next door to your for 15 years, or perhaps because she is even a close relative, it’s important to choose bridesmaids who you genuinely have a connection with. Chances are if you choose somebody just to make up numbers, you’ll later end up regretting it.

2. Have you seen her lately? 

We all have close friends who live far away or overseas and of course in these cases you may have not seen one of your bridesmaids for awhile. However if she lives close by and you haven’t seen a lot of her in the past year, you should seriously ask yourself if you really want her to be involved in your wedding.

3. Are you only asking her because she asked you? 

Just because you were her bridesmaid it doesn’t mean you are obligated to make her yours. If you were a bridesmaid for somebody who is expecting to also be part of your wedding, but she isn’t on your list, don’t be afraid to sit her down and explain why you can’t have her as part of the wedding – but be gentle!

4. Is she uplifting? 

The last thing you want in the lead up to your wedding is somebody who is negative or always brings you down. Focus on choosing bridesmaids who are supportive, positive and make your happy, and you’ll be sure to make your wedding planning much easier for yourself.

5. Does she support your engagement? 

No matter how much you love her, the reality is that if she is not supportive of your engagement then having her as a bridesmaid is probably not going to work. If you have a friend who is for some reason not supportive of your nuptials, try sitting down and talking to her about how you feel, and if all else fails make sure you include her in special moments like the hens night if you can even if she can’t be a bridesmaid.

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