A Health Coach Shares Her Top Tips For Eating Healthy While Travelling

Okay real talk, ladies – no matter how well you have been eating and how many times you have hit the gym this month, as soon as you go on holiday, chances are that your healthy diet and strict exercise regime are going to go right out the window. Because really, who wants to eat salad and do squats when you could be lounging by the pool drinking sugary cocktails. Hello!

While the occasional holiday treat is a must, too much of the good stuff while you are on holiday could actually reverse all of the hard work that you have been putting in during the lead up to your holiday. So how do you keep from falling off-track when you’ve worked hard to get your bikini body in shape for your holiday?

Certified holistic health coach, co-founder of Suja Juice and creator of lifestyle site BLAWNDE.com, Annie Lawless, knows a thing or two about maintaining healthy habits while she travels, often traveling for most the year. According to Lawless, the key to remaining healthy during your holiday is simply being prepared so that you do not have to resort to quick stomach fillers such as cookies, sugary honey peanuts and other highly processed food.


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On a mission to help women holiday healthier, Lawless shared with us five foods that she swears by when she travels. The good news, just because they are healthy, doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious!

1. Hard boiled eggs

“A great source of clean protein, healthy fat, and no sugar, flour, or sodium to worry about. Eggs will keep you full and hold you over until you can sit down for your next meal.”