Adding This 30-Second Step Into Your Morning Routine Will Help You Feel More Awake All Day

It’s no secret that mornings are hard work. From the initial feeling of dread as soon as your alarm goes off, to that awkward moment when you almost fall asleep on the train to work, to those zombie-like morning meetings, some mornings really do leave a lot to be desired.

With experts now suggesting that the type of alarm you are using could impact how tired you feel in the morning, it’s not surprising that other steps in our morning routine can also be altered to help us to feel more awake. According to Career Girl Daily, those who have showers in the morning should be paying more attention to the temperature of their shower as a hot shower actually has the ability to make you feel more tired than ever.

“The cold, hard truth (cold being the apt word) is that when taking a hot shower, we are sending ourselves back to sleep. Brainiacs have proven that when we feel the cool air on our skin after stepping out of our morning shower, the sudden decrease in temperate sparks a tranquil state of mind,” CGD reports.

While your hot morning shower may literally be the only thing getting you through, simply switching your shower onto cold for about 30 seconds before you get out could help to solve your problems. The best way to do this is to ease your body into it, turning your shower to half temperature for about 30 seconds to one minute, before biting the bullet and allowing yourself a bit of a cold spurt for the last part of your shower.

Sound crazy? Apparently cold showers have been recommended by medical experts as an energy boosting tool for many years, with The New York Times reporting that Dr. Thomas Norval Hepburn advised Hollywood actress Katherine Hepburn to start taking cold showers as a way of boosting her energy levels. Throughout her successful career, Hepburn is said to have regularly exposed herself to cold showers and even ice cold baths. *shudders*

As a bonus, having cold showers can also help to support healthy skin and hair, ease stress and even speed up muscle recovery, for those who have maybe gone a little bit too hard in their gym class the day before. Of course cold showers are not exactly fun, but no pain, no gain, right?

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