How To Get A Better Sleep Every Single Night

Chronic tiredness is a major issue in our modern world. Life is getting faster and faster and people seem to be getting increasingly exhausted. CEO and founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, has experienced this first hand and after collapsing at her desk in 2007 due to sleep deprivation, she has become passionate about raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep life.

In her latest book, The Sleep Revolution, Huffington delves into why it’s so important to get enough sleep and aims to educate readers on how sleep can change your life. “We all know that when we’ve been sleep-deprived for a little while, we are more likely to catch a cold because our immune system is suppressed,” Huffington told Business Insider. “But sleep is much more important than that, because every disease, whether it’s heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, is connected to sleep deprivation.”

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, how can you ensure that you start to get a better sleep every night?

Clear your mind

“Write down everything that is on your mind, everything that remains incomplete, everything that you want to accomplish the next day, or the next week, or the next year, and then they’re down. That’s it, they’re no longer in your mind at a time when there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Focus on the good things

“For some reason, just before we go to sleep, the things that are not going well take front center. And we need to change that by focusing on the things that we’re grateful for. They can be tiny things, it doesn’t matter. It just changes the focus of our brain and makes it easier to switch off and be able to have a peaceful and restorative sleep.”

Ditch the devices

“Everybody has to see what works for them, but for me the key is to every night before I’m going to go to sleep, thirty minutes before, turn off all of my devices and gently escort them out of my bedroom. That is key. Disconnecting from technology means disconnecting from our daily lives, with all the challenges and the obstacles that we all face.”

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