New Survey Reveals How Much The Average Couple Spent On Their Wedding In 2016

It’s no secret that getting married can be damn expensive. Sure, we occasionally hear the odd story of a clever couple who managed to have a beautiful, intimate wedding for just a few thousand dollars, but if you have a big family or a lot of close friends, a small or simple wedding isn’t always an option.

Taking a detailed look at how much couples actually spend on their weddings,  The Knot annually surveys thousands of brides and grooms across the U.S. to find out how much getting married really costs. Last year, the report found that the cost of a wedding was at an all time high, with the average couple spending $32,641 USD ($44,602 NZD) on their wedding in 2015.

This year the survey asked 13,000 couples about the cost of putting on a wedding and shockingly, the survey found that the cost of weddings had increased even more, with the average couple now spending a staggering $35,329 USD ($48,275 NZD). This figure comes in at a whopping $1,428 USD more than the year before.

So what is to blame for the soaring cost of getting hitched? According to The Knot, couples are wanting more elaborate and personalised weddings than ever before.

“Couples today have total personalisation and unforgettable guest experiences top of mind,” the report explained. “They’re more excited than ever to create the ultimate guest experience complete with out-of-the-box entertainment and exceptional amenities, including everything from food trucks, lawn games and photo booths … to aerialists, gospel choirs and live portrait artists.”

With soaring costs that are almost equivalent to a house deposit, it can be difficult to fathom how people manage to spend so much on just one event. But after taking a quick look at the breakdown of costs things become clear.

According to the survey, the venue is the single most expensive factor in most weddings, costing an average of $16,107. The average wedding photographer is said to cost $2,783, while live bands average $4,156. To my personal surprise, the average couple reported spending $2,534 on flowers and other decor alone.

With rates like these, it’s no wonder so many couples are choosing to just skip the wedding entirely and opt for a defacto relationship.

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